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Hawk roosting

The Hawk is dominant. I can do what it wants. It doesn’t have to think twice or question what it does. “I kill what I please because it is all mine” it finds joy in the power it has.

The falling leaves

This poem seems very peace full and calm , when leaves drop not a lot of people are really botherd or interested , it’s like on the field were the soldiers die people mostly only care about there loved ones.

The falling leaves talks about the war and how bad it is while the hawk roosting kind of explains how it stArts, for e.g. The hawk roosting says “I kill were I please because it is all mine” that could be like a strong army going to a different one and killing the people just because they can.

is much More bigger than the fallen leafs.
Hawk roosting

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The falling leaves

I reckon this could be about a war and when Margaret says “say by no wind or age or prestilence but in there beauty strewed” I think that could meant he army that goes and some get killed but they do beautifully as in with pride.

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“Cold had long since won its battle”
This is a personification as he has
Said “won its battle” as if its a enemy, like cold is the enemy.
When it said “long since” it makes me think that he hasn’t felt as cold and run down before for a long time.

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Of mice and men

Almost every thing you need to know about the importance of characters in of mice and men can be see through, for example the way they look,
Lenny ; Lenny is described as mentally retarded through out the book.
You can gather this through how the author said about how he looks and walks, the author said he walks with he’s arms not swing but dragging… Like a bear, and was also dragging he’s feet, he’s build was big with a biggish face, we’re as George (smart) has he’s blanket on he’s back , defined and strong.

You can also know a lot through how they are talked about for example crooks (the stable buck neggro) , as soon as crooks is involved in chapter four it’s starts of crook , the stable buck neggro, which is straight away racist and all the people that read this now know him as a stable buck negro, you also see how curleys wife is awfully treated and yet she says to crook “shutup” this shows dominance and then crook ha nothing to see , he even talks about how he ain’t aloud to play cards with other people,he has to stay by him self and have no friends with him , lonely.

Shakespeare and the Literary Heritage – Assessment Feedback

This essay has some real strengths. You have explored a range of emotions of the female characters – and you have used an extensive range of quotations to support your points and you have explored the characters and poet’s voice from a range of perspectives.

To develop your work, you will want to:

  1. Organise your paragraphs more carefully where you deal with one idea per paragraph
  2. When you use quotations, ensure you have a specific purpose for each one. Also explain the language features you might find in these quotations
  3. Identify the features that both texts might have in common, or that might contrast.
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In the book ,touching the void I found a example of pathetic fallacy.
Pathetic fallacy is when the natural world reflects the events or feelings of characters in a text. A example of this is if a group of six teenagers get a trip to a scary haunted castle, and when arrived there,it’s dark and stormy. The author used pathetic fallacy, he puts picture in your mind of a dark and stormy castle.

Joe Simpson uses pathetic fallacy when he says“the weather had taken a turn for the worse and dark threatening clouds were rapidly converging on our exposed position.”

After Joe cut the rope and made Simon fall into the glacier Simon talked about how he felt helpless and hopeless, then he saw a whole and decided to go down it, whether did the book started saying how it was dark and getting darker as he went down, but the he saw a beam of light and felt relief.

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Touching the void, ambitious

In touching the void page 53, you see joe expressing what he feels about ambition and that it is not always good.
When he said “I felt the usual ain’t I climax” that quote shows that he is ain’t as satisfied as he thought he was going to be.
When he says “what now, it was a vicious circle. If you succeed with one dream, you come back to square one and its not long before your conjuring up another, slightly harder, a bit more ambitious- a bit more dangerous.” He demonstrates how he keeps climbing them then when he does succeed in it he’s ego makes him climb a bigger one and he’s scared that he might do one to big.
The example of the quote for me is when I skateboarded down a ramp and there was a bigger one so I did that then after I kept feeling it was nothing until I did the bigger one.

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Touching the void

When exploring the title “touching the void”, I find there are many different types of interpretations.

The title could be about more of an emotional side.
When the title says “void” it could link with how he feels about being on a big mountain, with no one else or support apart from he’s friend. every were he looks around is empty and containing no matter (another meaning of void), he will probably feel lonely as well because he might be with he’s friend but when they are climbing they are still metres away from each other,this does not help as a minor thing like communication Can have a major affect defiantly with them climbing for a long amount of time. they could possibly feel slightly insane from all the work and feeling like they are by them even shows how lonely he feels when he says “I think that it was that loneliness, that sense of being abandoned”.

There is another term of “void” it can be interpreted as ineffective or useless, this could be from when he fell down abit and cracked he’s knee, because of that inncident he struggled to walk and is bassically no good or useful.

I come up with a suitable idea from what the title “touching the void” could be about. I think its called that because it represents a image of a near death experience, people say that death is “nothing…Empty..not matter”… Well then if you think about it, touching is not exactly holding so, that could possibly mean that instead of him dieing ( holding) he nearly did Or possibly for a small amount (touching).
When I was reading this, the moment were he was hanging off the cliff another thought come into my mind.
when he was hanging off the cliff, under neath him was nothing… A void, and the rope he was on that was supporting him has been let go of.

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it was silent. Silent. it was so silent I could hear my own thoughts shouting,I liked it My mind didn’t. It was going I hear gun shots and shouting… I open my ears delicately and see nothing.nothing.



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